Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Enter Karl Rove stage right

I have to admit I was surprised that Santorum quit the race before the vote in his home state. This suggests that he was likely to lose the state and so become unelectable. It was certainly too close to call from the opinion polls which have Romney ahead in one and Santorum ahead in most of the others.


What was more significant was the GOP big brass moving after the April 3rd primaries that were won by Romney and declaring that the point of inflection had been reached and now that Romney was clearly going to make it.

Rove on point of inflection
Rove and the 12 point gap

But is this true or is it a lot of spin from one of the masters of manipulation? It is clear spin, looking at the past polling data it is far from clear Romney would win Pennsylvania as Santorum was ahead in most polls and there was no big movement after that Tuesday. Romney has not built up significant momentum but he needs to if he is going to beat Obama in November and so the contest has to end now. So the focus can move to the fight against Obama.

What is in it for Santorum? A V.P. position? I wouldn't as he has been destructive to GOP party unity. Most likely he will be given some other government post like homeland security and fade away. It depends on how much shit Rove's guys have been able to dig up on him as to how much he will be able to bargain for. If Rove managed to score big we might never hear from Rick Santorum again.

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